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so… i think the professional actor/artist thing is going to happen, like in the next few months.  there are those unspeakable dreams that you always have as a kid and they seem more impossible as you get older.  well, my unspeakable dreams are coming together.  its all baby steps right now, but happening nonetheless.  

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no, capitalism doesn’t create something from nothing.  there is always a winner and a loser.  i’ve been seeing a lot of “look how capitalism made things.”  most recently in dinesh d’souza’s atrocity of a film.  he was all “the europeans bought manhattan from the indians and made something out of nothing, there wasn’t anything there before now look at it!” you must take something in order to build your skyscraper.  if all trades were equal we wouldn’t have economic disparity within capitalism, but instead the system thrives on disparity.

i really don’t know where people get the idea that wealth has been created spontaneously out of the innovative mind of some captain of industry and that there will be constant, never-ending economic growth.  we have limited resources on our planet which will someday (too soon) disappear.  growth cannot be unlimited.  

and don’t even get me started on how that movie was racist as fuck.

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Apparently anti-feminist women have now taken to promoting the meme that feminists “won’t take no for an answer” and “can’t accept that no means no.”

First of all, that is a disgustingly cheap rhetorical trick and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

But second, to actually address the argument:…

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The United States speaks to us of ‘peace’, but what kind of peace? Peace between the major powers, while imperialism reserves its right to intervene in the Third World? Fidel Castro (via spectreofcommunism)
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